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Converting Users to Customers

Many entrepeneurs create a landing page to put the word out about their startup. Some of them even create a facebook group to engage with their audience and then create a website or app.  One of low-fi ways is to describe what you do, 3-6 bullet point value propositions, maybe an intro video, a section about the founders and why solving this problem matters to them, a way to establish legitimacy & trust (newspaper articles mentions, current clients, etc) and a “subscribe” box to enter their email address.

Works great with consumer apps…

The subscribe by email is the hook, it allows you to capture interested users, so you can follow up with them, learn about their issues/needs and give them updates on your progress.  You keep the flow going until you potentially convert them into customers.

Setting up a basic landing page has become so popular and very easy (did you know that you host a website using dropbox?). Here are some options:

Non-technical: and the likes (

Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS:, etc

There are also tremendous amount of FREE stuff that can help you shape up your landing page nicely:, and lots of templates at, etc

… but what about enterprise?

Enterprise solutions are a little bit more complex and often require a little of customizations.  Jumping on a call with someone that can answer those questions is much easier, that’s why you sometimes notice a price tier that says “Enterprise” => Call us.

What if you don’t want to publish your phone number? And it’s definitely too early to buy a 1-800 number.  What if you just want someone to pick time on your calendar that works best for both of you. For example, on Monday & Wednesday, between 2:00pm-4:00pm, I’m available to answer any random questions from any random user that visited my landing page and is interested in learning more.

I found that embedding a schedule a demo call to action on your site or app makes the experience much better.

How can I do it?

Today, many calendar apps like Google Calendar and Office365 Calendar expose APIs for you to implement your little widget to fetch availability, book a slot, etc. Little bit of html and styling, little bit of AJAX, and an optional backend to keep the some keys as a secret and you should be all set.

Too complicated, is there a simpler approach?

I found to provide the best experience.  Even though it’s a booking platform that’s able to accomplish much more. Using it to allow your potential customers to book time to chat with you or your team is very easy to configure and even easier to integrate.


There is also but I didn’t like it as much as TimeKit

Let me know in the comments, what approach works best for you to convert interested users to customers?  Do you know about any other scheduling app?


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